//VIDEO: Shai Agassi Talks About His Plan for Mass Adoption of Electric Cars

VIDEO: Shai Agassi Talks About His Plan for Mass Adoption of Electric Cars

Shai Agassi, of Better Place, the electric car charging infrastructure company says electric cars are the only solution if we want to impact emissions. His company, Better Place, has a radical plan to take entire countries oil-free by 2020.

In this TED video he talks about his plans for the future of electric car charging stations.

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I could go on to say quite a few things about the Better Place business model, but so many others have said it so well I have decided to link to a few of them:

Seven Reasons Why Better Place Will Fail and Four Why It Won’t
The well-funded Better Place hopes to revolutionize transportation by building a network of charging stations for electric cars. But does it really have the goods?
by: Michael Kanellos at Greentechmedia

Is Better Place getting more love?
Shai Agassi, a former CEO-in-waiting at enterprise software giant SAP who now heads up electric vehicle company Better Place, tends to get a good wrap online. He is articulate, charistmatic and promotes a radical business model that some believe could make electric cars economically feasible. In short, it is based around charging stations where batteries are swapped rather than recharged, eliminating a lengthy wait to ‘refuel’ an electric car; drivers would pay a monthly fee rather than ‘owning’ the battery.
by Kate Mackenzie at FT Blogs

The reality of electric dreams
OK, so this is the future; well, maybe a future. You glide noiselessly towards what used to be service station pumps, the dashboard computer screen showing the battery at 30 per cent. Once, you had to do a quick calculation about the nearest petrol station, but now the computer performs that calculation.
by The Canberra Times