//Record Breaking Month for San Diego Solar Company

Record Breaking Month for San Diego Solar Company

A solar power system can now be custom designed and installed for up to 50% total savings thanks to the recent passing of the Federal ITC (Investment Tax Credit). This breaks down into a 30% Federal Tax Credit and a 20% rebate from the State of California. Amazingly, despite the recent economic downturn, solar sales are thriving. In fact, San Diego based Sequoia Solar has had some record breaking results.

“In my experience,” says Sequoia Solar CEO, Marty Reed, “winter is typically a slow time for the solar industry. But at Sequoia Solar, we had a spectacular December. We increased the number of solar systems commissioned by 57% compared to last month, resulting in a more than 100% increase in revenues!”

“Also the efficiency of residential solar power systems has increased,” Reed said. “When a solar system is designed by Sequoia for a specific property, its effectiveness will be extremely high,” Reed added. “This is because company designers will make the best use of the property’s design to harvest the greatest amount of energy. The ability to offset electrical use will be even higher than what might be enjoyed from a stock design solar power system.”

Despite the fact that the use of renewable energy systems like solar power in San Diego isn’t new, many homeowners remain skeptical about this form of power. Because of this, Sequoia Solar is dedicated to answering any questions and educating their customers about solar power viability, costs and system designs.

“As electric bills climb through the roof and concerns about the use of fossil fuels continue to raise red flags, the time for solar is now,” Reed said. “A custom designed system will take full advantage of available incoming power and offer the maximum potential for sparing use of electrical power.”

Potential customers are invited to tour Sequoia’s own solar powered office building, see its electric car docking station and tour its fully functional solar carport and solar awning. The tour provides a platform for residents to see just how easy and affordable it can be to switch to this cleaner, renewable energy source with home solar systems. The Solana Beach office is open to the public during normal business hours and they are welcome to tour the working solar facility. The San Diego office is located at 343 South Highway 101 in Solana Beach.

image by SuperFantastic