//Tesla Unveils Solar Roof and Powerwall 2

Tesla Unveils Solar Roof and Powerwall 2

Elon Musk says Tesla Solar Roof will cost less than a conventional roof.


After the official shareholders meeting approving the merger of Tesla Motors and SolarCity ended and before the question and answer session could begin, Musk told the audience that he had some “amazing stuff” to tell them.

Elon announced that the cost of a Tesla glass tile solar roof would actually be equal to or slightly less than a conventional roof. Not after you deduct the electricity it generates over the next 20 years or so, but right now, today, as soon as it is installed.

So how is that possible?

Musk explained to the audience that a lot of it has to do with the current supply chain for roofing materials, which he said is incredibly inefficient. It turns out, the glass tiles weigh up to 80% less than conventional roofing materials, especially ceramic tile or concrete tiles. Both of those are very popular in many locations around the world, especially southern California and the Mediterranean countries. Not only do the Tesla glass tiles weigh less, they are less fragile, which means less loss for breakage.

Tesla panels surviving a meteor impact.

Much of the cost of conventional roofing materials can be attributed to shipping all that weight over long distances. And, as Musk said last month during the grand unveiling for the solar roof, glass is basically sand and sand is cheap.