//itHouse by Taalman Koch

itHouse by Taalman Koch


LA-based Taalman Koch Architects have developed a systemized method of building sustainable houses. One such system is the itHouse, which has landed outside of Joshua Tree National Park in what is going to become a new planned community called Three Junipers. The house is off-grid and powered solely by photovoltaic and solar thermal technology. The modest home makes minimal disturbance to its site, has a small footprint (1,600 sq ft), and uses native plants in its landscaping. This high-desert version of the itHouse adds to their previous work with more efficient energy systems, and new furniture and accessories.
ithouse interior
Much like other prefabs, this house is a made up of parts that are prefabricated off-site in order to minimize waste and maintain a high level of quality control over the finished product.
ithouse interior
Much as I love the design and concept the price is a bit steep. The basic home starts at 1,100 sq ft for two bedrooms, one bath, and double courtyard and is expected to cost around $750,000.

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